people on my dash are getting upset about switching the gender of one person in a queer ship b/c apparently that means they cant be queer anymore im so fucking done

there was a hot guy wearing an snk hoodie bagging my groceries yesterday
if only i wasnt underage and too nervous to hold eye contact let alone a conversation

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clowesia replied to your post “that is the most pretentious thing ive ever read”


wait seriously???? what the hell

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that is the most pretentious thing ive ever read

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i was just about to put a box of crackers in the fridge
im so fucking tired

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theyre so adorable wtf

theyre so adorable wtf

hmm this would make a cool bookmark

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does anyone else ever pose in the reflection of their monitor as drawing reference or is it just me

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eyy you guys should go send my friends blog 2p-prussia-ask some questions b/c she’s rlly great but doesnt get v many!!!!

neeneepapa replied to your post “imagine if all the 2ps went on a giant road trip together”

lots of complaining

of course

they would all be so miserable omfg

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